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About Us & Our 100% Natural Arizona Raised Grass Fed Black Angus Beef

A Little Bit About Us

The GB-7 Cattle Company is a family owned and operated Arizona cattle ranch with the GB Cattle Ranch located in northeast Arizona. The ranch is 40 acres and sits just a few miles east of Show Low.  Our cattle are able to roam throughout the pastures for exercise, but are hand fed only the best Alfalfa Grass available to maintain our quality standard of Black Angus Beef. Our name is derived from our family members. We have five Girls and two Boys, thus the GB7. The ranch is operated by mom (Diana) and dad (Terry), with each of the kids taking part in running various facets of the ranching business. We pride ourselves in being a Registered Black Angus ranch dedicated to providing the highest quality, all natural grass fed beef to our customers. We deal exclusively with individual families, and not commercial outlets. We ensure that all our grass fed beef is not only the healthy and natural choice for your family, but also the economic choice by offering three options to buy.

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What Makes GB-7 Grass Fed Black Angus Beef Superior


The Natural Choice
















The Economic Choice

  • *Buy Your All Natural Black Angus Grass Fed Beef in Bulk and Save!
  • *Our Customized 3 Packages Provide Anyone A Bulk Purchase Tailored to Their Needs



  • These folks buy beef for their BBQ they are out on the patio grilling for family and friends. For these we turn everything into steaks, get a good mix of sizes and maybe go with thinner cuts and really make the meat go far.



  • These folks are family oriented. They have big families and want to have a good wholesome meat at least 3 nights a week. We “steer” these folks to more roasts, stew and fajita meats, some steaks (for special occasions) and lots of hamburger.



  • They mix it up with seafood, chicken, and pork. BUT, when they want a steak, they want it two inches thick and rare. When they host Holiday dinner, only Prime Rib will do. For these folks, we generally say go big, focus on steaks and the “big event” cuts, like Prime Rib and Filet Mignon.






Here are a few handy tips to help your family with your grass fed beef:

Keep meat refrigerated until ready to cook; do not defrost at room temperature to avoid air-borne bacterial growth.

Pull any packages that are opened (torn or ripped) and use them first.  Remember air is the culprit. Keep them in the coldest spot in the refrigerator until used. Wrap with an additional layer until you are ready to use it.

Defrost accordingly:

  • Allow about 24 hours for a 1-pound package of hamburger or beef bits.
  • Allow 12 hours to 24 hours for steaks, depending on thickness and quantity of each package.
  • Allow 4 to 7 hours per pound for large roast and thick pot roast.
  • Allow 3 to 5 hours per pound for small roast thin pot roast.
  • Cook ground beef as soon as possible after defrosting
  • Ground meat and small cuts are more perishable then larger cuts.
  • Refrigerate leftovers promptly after serving and no more then 2 hours after cooking.


Here are a few things you should know about whole grass fed beef ordering

In buying a whole grass fed beef you have the option of what you want and how you want it cut and wrapped.  If you are like most and want all you can get, including ribs, soup bones, liver, and tongue, this can add up quickly in poundage.  A whole grass fed beef will yield between 450 to 650 lbs of meat: enough to feed a family of 4 to 6 for an entire year.
A whole grass fed beef needs at least 16 cubic feet of freezer space; roughly a 2′X4′X2′ space.  If you’re like most of us, you will want to separate the meat cuts for easier access and inventory control.  In other words, to put it another way, a whole grass fed beef needs its own middle sized chest or upright freezer.  Chest freezers are easier and more efficient to keep cool then uprights.  Properly wrapped meat can easily and safely be stored for one year.

The only thing more satisfying than a freezer full of beef…

Is a freezer full of GB-7 grass fed black angus beef.

There’s an old ranching tradition of “laying in a side of beef” to last the family throughout the coming year, and it’s reassuring to know, that grass fed beef is All Natural GB-7 beef.  A beef in the freezer is convenient, cost effective, and comforting to know the family will be fed all year, even when money gets tight.  Because families are different in size and needs, GB-7 grass fed beef is custom cut and wrapped to meet each family’s wishes.
When you fill your freezer with GB-7 beef you’re treating your family to “all natural” grass fed beef with a taste and tenderness found nowhere else.  Beef, raised by real cowboys and real cowgirls, on a real ranch, in the real West.  We take pride in our heritage and our grass fed beef cattle and we know you will take pride in feeding your family the best.

You may now step forward and pick up your diploma.

With a whole grass fed beef you can adjust many of your choices of cuts. Maybe you want more roasts to feed a large family, or you are a bar b que lover and want to maximize your grilling options. With GB7 you can do just that. We will butcher your meat to your specifications. That means you get exactly the cuts you love to eat. Below is an example of our most common selection of cuts. This also happens to be how our rancher prefers to prepare his beef for his family. Remember that a whole grass fed beef will generally yield 350 to 400 pounds of beef. So as you decide how you want yours cut, remember that you have all year to enjoy your grass fed beef and should keep a good selection for all the different events that go great with beef.

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