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Gaga Over Grass Fed (Beef)

Gaga Over Grass-fed

by Jennifer
on 08/11/12 at 12:00 PM
Is grass-fed meat the new “must have” for the foodie in the know? I think it is.
First off, grass-fed meat just tastes better, it has more umami or savory taste that every beef lover
hankers for.
Also I love it, because it’s a leaner cut that still tastes rich.
I grew up eating red meat, just like most Pittsburghers of Hungarian
descent–and it’s still soul food for me. And yes, it’s still part of my healthy
In fact, I enjoy it three times a month, in 4- to 5-ounce portions. But does
going grass-fed take it to a new level in terms of health? So I started thinking
about the science behind the beef.
The Happiness Diet by Dr. Drew Ramsey, is a wonderful read that maps out the
biochemical effect of food compounds on brain health. He says “you get a special
fat that grass-fed cows make called CLA which appears to both fight belly fat
and cancer.”
And grass-fed meat contains more vital omega-3 fatty acids vs corn-fed beef
(that is higher in omega-6).
If grass-fed makes it into your grocery cart, you can certainly expect to pay
more. Per pound, grass-fed New York Strip can be anywhere from $8 to $10 more a
pound, so I treat my steak nights as a splurge. I buy one steak and split it
after cooking to get the perfect size portion for two people.
Looking for the grass-fed goods in your neighborhood? Visit American Grass
Fed Association
and try my delicious favorite steak recipe with grass-fed meat.
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