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Gaga Over Grass Fed (Beef)

The Happiness Diet by Dr. Drew Ramsey, is a wonderful read that maps out the
biochemical effect of food compounds on brain health. He says “you get a special
fat that grass-fed cows make called CLA which appears to both fight belly fat
and cancer.”

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Beef: Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed

By Sarah Baker Hansen WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER This is an installment of Locally Grown, an occasional series on food trends.   Cost is the reason chef uses corn-fed beef Clayton Chapman doesn’t serve grass-fed beef at the Grey Plume, his restaurant in midtown that’s known around the country as the greenest restaurant in America. It’s [...]

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Grass Fed Beef Is Better

Research reveals that grass-fed beef is better for people and the environment Feeding cattle on grass throughout their lifecycle is the most environmentally sustainable way to rear beef, according to new research for the National Trust. One of the biggest global challenges is how to increase food security whilst reducing the environmental impacts of food [...]

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Grass Fed Beef, the new performance enhancer for athletes.

19 Comments2 May 1:01

If you haven’t seen the latest report from CNBC on the benefits of grass fed beef you can follow it here. The article focuses on the marketing efforts of of John Wood and the specific benefits of grass fed beef. Woods says that in testing grass-fed beef have more Omega-3′s than salmon, a ratio he says [...]

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